About ISTE

The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is a national non-profit organization which advocates technical development and personal growth in a creative and innovative way. After all, our motto is that growth happens over time, not overnight.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the interest in technical studies among students. We intend to support the flames of innovation and help bright young minds employ the gifts of technological advancements to develop innovative ways to teach and to learn.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver an experience that will boost creative minds to deal with the dynamic technology. With a never say die spirit, fostering the talent of the zealous students, and inculcating among them a fondness for technical innovativeness, is our ultimate aspiration.


We are a techno-management club at NIT Calicut, and a student chapter of the Indian Society for Technical Education(ISTE). We aim at practising these values, not just preaching them, by conducting various events for students at school and college levels. After all, our motto is that growth happens over time, not overnight.

ISTE's strength is in the strong base it has in technical education institutions in the country, with an active membership of more than 2740 institutional members (including IITs, IISc, NITs etc), 1414 faculty chapters and 1505 students’ chapters. ISTE organizes regional annual conventions for faculty and students separately every year, where experts from various industries participate and interact.

  • Raidha Anwar
    Remzy Rasheed
    Deputy Secretary
  • Meetanshi Yadav  &  Lalitya Devi
    Joint Secretaries
  • Shivendra Shahi  &  Mullai Vaneshwar
  • Anna Susan Cherian  &  Muhammed Afrah Iqbal
    Event Coordinators
  • Srinivas Advaith
    External Affairs Head
    Anish Sharma
    Website Head
  • Gauri Nair  &  Midhun Manoj
    Content Creation Heads
  • Vivek.S  &  P. Sai Krishna
    Design Heads
  • Sajal Singh Chauhan  &  Manoj Vamsi Nerella
    Marketing Heads


Discover a sea of well-curated excerpts on latest
technical trends and enigmas of the world!

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State Conventions


We have been host to two state-level conventions of ISTE- Drishti in 2017, and Atreya in 2019. An exciting blend of events, workshops, lectures and exhibitions, Atreya witnessed a footfall of over 2.5k people coming together from all over the state. The programme commenced with an inaugural ceremony by our chief guest C R Thomas, the Deputy Director of VSSC-ISRO.

Newton Speaks


Titled after one of the biggest pioneers of science who dared to think outside the box, our monthly webinar series aims at connecting students with people who have achieved wonders in their fields.



One of our focal events is our hugely successful annual mock exam for engineering aspirants- JEEnius. Modelled after the All India Joint Entrance Examination, this test intends to familiarize students with the question style and paper pattern, and will also help them gauge out their stand in the rankings. In the past, we have conducted JEEnius in various districts in Kerala & Andhra Pradesh. Last year, we took JEEnius beyond the shores of India and conducted it in Doha, Qatar. We’ve also collaborated with Tathva, the annual techno-management fest of NIT Calicut, to conduct JEEnius under the banner “Zeroth Attempt”.

School Spectrum


Spreading knowledge through fun events is a cherished goal of ours. With a wide range of activities testing oratory talent to technical wiz to managerial skills, Spectrum is the pride of our club as it allows us to reach out to school students and put up activities which help them realize their capabilities and nurture their soft skills.

Online Spectrum


Another hugely successful event is "Online Spectrum", held for the first time in July 2020. Collaborating with ISTE student chapters from other colleges, we conducted an all India level online competition, with various fun challenges ranging from technical skills to creative talents, to keep the quarantine slump at bay. The highlight was "Dream Codex", a 4-round coding event over the span of a week. The event is a testament to our core qualities of teamwork and creativity.

Tech week


Tech Week, conducted alongside other NITC clubs, is a jam-packed 2 day weekend, boasting fun events such as Junkyard Wars (Beat the other teams by building the best machine out of scrap materials!), Admania (Market the most whimsical products!), Tech charades (The type of dumb charades Newton would enjoy!), and so on. It is no doubt one of the biggest events first years eagerly look forward to.

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